Breath Of Fresh Air

What Is Bofa?

Breath Of Fresh Air is a simple Minecraft server on version 1.6.4 with intention of eventually updating to later versions of the game. Our mission is to enjoy the game in a more simple version of itself and appreciate how far it has come in the last decade. 

Server Rules

As a strictly vanilla server, we have a couple of basic rules. Obviously, anything that may harm other members such as stealing, griefing or unconsensual pvping isn’t allowed. Toxicity, even just as a joke will not be tolerated. Anyone caught negatively affecting the community will be removed from the server.


The application process is simple. Fill out the form below with your in game name, email and Discord name as well as a small intro about who you are, what you do in your free time and why you wish to join us. The more information you share about yourself, the easier for us to make a decision. We aim to reply in a matter of hours.


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